Comcast X1 Gigabit vs AT&T Fiber (Gigapower)

I live in unincorporated Paulding County, Georgia in a “Planned Residential Development” subdivision (Ballentine Pointe). It’s one of the few subdivisions in a relatively rural area (Paulding is basically the rural-suburban fringe) that has both AT&T Fiber (thanks to them upgrading BellSouth FTTC infrastructure) and X1 Gigabit (being part of the Atlanta market).

Looking at JUST Internet, here are how the 2 companies compare:


  • Delivery Method: Fiber
  • Speed: 1 Gbps down, 1 Gbps up
  • Included Data Usage: Unlimited
  • Price: $70/mo

Comcast Xfinity:

  • Delivery Method: DOCSIS 3.1 over coax
  • Speed: 1 Gbps down, 35 Mbps up
  • Included Data Usage: 1 TB
  • Price: $139.95/mo

What is Comcast thinking? They are delivering a slower lower quality product with less included data for quite literally twice the cost.


Then we start looking at bundling TV with the deal….

AT&T offers your choice of U-Verse 450 or DirecTV Premier, with 4 TVs and whole home DVR (and 4K with DirecTV) for less than $200/mo for 2 years (and $250/mo after that)

I’m currently on the X1 HD Complete bundle, which currently costs $200/mo, with a normal price of $250 after 2 years, basically the same deal AT&T offers.

Except that it only includes 105/20 Mbps internet and it has a 1 TB data usage limit.

I could quite literally get Gigabit internet over Fiber, extend my promotional pricing for another 2 years, stop worrying about data usage (we watch a lot of Netflix, Amazon Video, Hulu, etc..) get Disney Junior and Nick Jr. in HD (Xfinity only has them in SD for some reason, they did use to have them in HD, but not anymore… I have a 1 year old after all), just by switching to AT&T.

However, I’ve been a Comcast customer for quite literally half my life at this point. I really don’t want to switch, since its annoying. I just wish a human being at Comcast is willing to realize that they are losing a very valuable high ARPU customer because their pricing is stupid and non-competitive.

However, Comcast… has been disappointing so far. I’m going to try and keep pushing them to actually compete. They have until April for various reasons to do so.

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