Fluendo ftw

I listen to a radio station here in Atlanta called 99X. Their website has a listen live option using Silverlight AND Flash. Now, I use Linux (specifically openSUSE), and openSUSE has a great media player called Banshee which uses gstreamer as its media backend. Because 99X’s stream is ASX, it can play it, but it doesn’t understand the codec.

Fluendo to the rescue. For EUR19 a year, you get access to the latest and greatest proprietary codecs that work great on openSUSE and Banshee, legally :). Thank you Fluendo!

The people have chosen!

The American People have chosen Small Government, Less Taxes, and More Liberty on Election Day, with the Tea Party backed Republicans picking up a sizable majority in the House of Representatives. Today is a good day to be proud to be an American.