Love is such a strange thing…

I’m starting to believe love was invented to hurt people. I’m in love with this girl, I have been for a long time. Yet, I just start crying whenever I think about her, because I miss her so much! I try to talk to her, but she’s never in a position to talk.

I love her to death… I just hope that my words aren’t propethetic

Even More Updates

So, I started my second ever semester of college last Thursday.

My classes are:

English Composition II
Calculus I
Computer Science
Global Issues
Science Technology & Society.

At work, I’ve been given a raise to $12.50/hr. Now that’s what I’m talking about! But, I can’t go to work or school today… very sick. I have a doctor’s appointment in a few hours (3 PM). Hopefully they can find what’s wrong with me.