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Attached is a python script that can download and save all the chapters from a given story, stripping out the header and footer.
It requires: python 2.5+, pygtk, and libxml2dom (and all dependencies of the said scripts).
Download fanficgrabber. Extract the zip, and execute the python script once acquiring all dependencies


jpr noted on his blog that I’ve been interesting in integrating PackageKit into the distribution. This is one of my many goals for making openSUSE a better operating system than it already is.
Currently, I’m waiting for PolicyKit 0.5 and dbus 1.1.2 to get into the distribution. After that, we can write a zypp backend, test it, and send it upstream to PackageKit, since they want backends to be part of PackageKit themselves. Our various updaters can be replaced by PackageKit frontends, and Benji‘s One-Click Install can be simplified since it can use PackageKit to set up the repositories and install the packages, instead of a nasty hack of calling another yast module via a longish command.

Policy Editor Module Help

I'm currently working on the policy-editor module for YaST (to edit
PolicyKit configuration), and I want some input on some of the design
1. I'm using python code for the loading and parsing of the policy
description files (its XML, and DOM makes parsing XML a dream). The
policy description files describes the actions, provides a
(translateable) description, and sane defaults.
That part I'm fine with, since I can use YCP to interact with and load
the model from the python code.
2. The actual policies as defined by the system administrator is located
in /etc/PolicyKit/PolicyKit.conf
Now my question is, how should I go about generating this file? Should
we use this file directly, or use sysconfig to generate the file
dynamically, and potentially provide for a "local include" so that you
can include custom policies not set via YaST?

YaST Policy Editor Module

My newest project is a YaST Policy Editor module. It’s much less ambitious than previous failed projects, and will be quite useful, especially as more software becomes PolicyKit enabled (including hopefully YaST itself:

OpenSUSE 10.3 Package : mugshot

I added mugshot to my OBS repo:
For more information on mugshot:
Any other cool packages I should add?