Flash Player 10.1 LocalConnection performance problems

Disclaimer: This post has not been authorized by my employer, and any opinions are my own, and are not intended to construed as representing official opinion of EyeWonder, Inc.
While developing the next version of our ad authoring tool, I noticed a major performance issue that will affect a lot of people that use LocalConnection .. LocalConnection is slow in Flash Player 10.1! AdWonder uses LocalConnection for several things, but its primary usage is for “logging”. The ubiqutious EW.sendToPanel call in our ads, which sends text to the output panel, now has a noticeable delay from when you send the command in the ad until it hits the output panel. This isn’t just me, Tinic Uro from Adobe has confirmed this in his blog posting: There’s not an approximate 33ms delay from when the call is made until its processed in Flash Player 10.1!