openSUSE 11.3 on the HP Mini 210 1010NR

This is a followup to an older post I had.

What’s been fixed:
  • The clickpad works like an old-fashioned touchpad now. Maybe the next version will have the multitouch goodness ;). Though, for sanity, switch it to tap to click mode. It makes things a lot easier.
What hasn’t:
  • Drivers ship for the wifi, but it sucks and tends to drop out. Please use the broadcom-wl drivers from Packman. Trust me, your sanity will appreciate it.

Still Alive…

Yes, I am indeed still alive, and still working for EyeWonder, a Limelight Networks Business. I’m having a great time still, and we released one of major products that we’ve been working on for the past 2 years, EyeOne, and the first product built on it: AdVolve.

I’m also going on vacation in September with Shelley Grey 🙂
We’re going to Sarasota, FL to the beach for a day or two, most likely staying at Ritz Carlton there by the beach. We’re also going to Disney World, and probably Sea World or Universal Studios as well 🙂