Nationalized Healthcare… Bad Idea!

I have a strong belief that the US should not make the same mistakes as our fellow countries, and keep healthcare in private hands. Now, our system isn’t perfect, but its a lot better than what other countries have. When was the last time you was dying and had to wait over an hour for an ambulance? Or be in triage over 2 hours (most of the time, its a lot less than that…). My girlfriend is Canadian, where healthcare is “free”. However, its not really free:

  • The government charges you for the insurance based on your income. It’s only free if your broke.
  • It doesn’t pay for prescriptions. And as most people know, prescriptions cost an arm and a leg at times… One of my medicines retails for $900 a bottle (30 day supply)
Now, I like Obama’s plan, which improves on the private system we have by adding an optional public system.

Short Circuit

I just watched Short Circuit, a movie about a robot that becomes “alive” that was released in May 1986 (before my birth). It’s amazing how well the animatronics are on such an old classic movie. It’s also good funny movie. If you have Comcast, its on On Demand under Free Movies


So my employer says I cannot post useful information about the industry anymore (such as how to report annoying ads).. Apparently being a much larger corporate entity changes things :). I also removed most of those posts from my blog here, to comply with their requests.

Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe

So I rented Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe from Gamefly the other day. While the game is a good game, its not a great game, due to way to many drawbacks:

  • Like all superhero-based video games, not all of the superhero’s powers are available to you. For instance, all of the flying superheros can’t fly, and some superheros have been seriously neutered, like Green Lantern.
  • The story is kinda weak, the concept is an interesting, but not well executed well upon.
  • During Story Mode, you cannot do Fatalities or the DC equivalent, Heroic Brutalities.