Some misconceptions about display advertising….

A lot of people I know have some common misconceptions about display advertising online. Here’s a few myths about display advertising:
So what if I block ads? Not like I click on them anyway…. Except for Google Ads and a few others, most advertisers pay using a “CPM” model. They pay so much money per 1,000 impressions. So even if you don’t click on the ad, the website makes money.
But ads use up so much bandwidth, etc… You must not have ever dealt with site specs? Most web publishers (websites) are very anal retentive about their 30 KB file size limit. Your ad is 30.1 KB? To damn bad.
Ads track me uniquely. Now some companies do this, but not all of them. I work for one of the largest rich media companies in terms of traffic (EyeWonder), and I can tell you, we don’t track users uniquely. We do however aggregate alot of information about what users do with the ad, but its aggregated and each logfile is deleted immediately after processing.

I voted!

I have my “Georgia Peach”. For people not from Georgia, that means I got the little sticker with a Georgia peach on it that says “I’m a Georgia voter”. BTW, I voted Libertarian, except for when there wasn’t one, then I voted Republican.