Mauborgne: the best 2FA OTP authenticator app for elementary OS (and anywhere else flatpak)

This app has been a labor of love during my parental leave. This app “scratched an itch” — I wanted an elementary OS native authenticator for all of my 2FA OTP codes

So, why do I think it’s the best app available?

  • Code Type Support It supports both TOTP and HOTP codes. I don’t have any services that use HOTP codes, but it does support them
  • Dynamic Code Paste Since TOTP codes expire, copying a code will always paste the most current code, not necessarily the code that was active when you clicked the Copy button
  • Roundtrip Support For Aegis Mauborgne can both import and export using Aegis’ encrypted JSON vault files
  • Flatpak Native Mauborgne uses Flatpak portals to capture screenshots, to load and save files, and to securely protect your pad’s secrets. It thus uses the bare minimum of Flatpak permissions
  • Attractiveness Thanks to the elementary OS platform underneath, the app looks sleek. It natively supports both light and dark mode using system preferences (on elementary OS 6.0+ and will also work on GNOME 42+)

    You can get the app on the elementary OS AppCenter, or if running other operating systems that support Flatpak, installing from the the Flatpakref file.