Blackberry Stuck Trackball : Solution

Got a stuck trackball on your Blackberry Pearl, Blackberry Curve, or Blackberry 8800? Try cleaning it!


  1. Using a thin plastic screwdriver blade (the ones in those little kits), pop off the silver cover around it
  2. Take out the whole trackball assembly
  3. Get a glass out of the kitchen
  4. Put a few drops of dishwater detergent in it
  5. Fill to brim with HOT water
  6. Drop trackball assembly in it
  7. Swirl cup around until your almost out of water
  8. Fill cup back up with hot water and keep rinsing
  9. Drain glass, remember to not let the assembly go down the drain!
  10. Dry the assembly. You should be able to air dry it or dry it by hand, but if your really anal, use compressed air or a hair dryer
  11. Place dried assembly back into Blackberry
  12. Replace cover
  13. Enjoy your non-stuck trackball!