Earth Hour!

Take a stand for the environment, and shut off everything from 8 PM to 9 PM local time tonight for Earth Hour. If your laptop has batteries, you can probably keep it on, but shut everything else off. This is a public service announcement.Â

EyeWonder SortTable

EyeWonder has been using a modified version of Stuart Langridge’s sorttable for quite some time (since before I started working there). I’ve heavily edited it over the years to fit our needs (faster sorting, handle more types of data, etc…). I originally released it quite some time ago, but here is the latest version:
Download Sort Table JavaScript File
Reviews welcome.


I just got Twitux packaged for openSUSE 10.3, a twitter client for GNOME
One Click Link: Twitux

My Presidential Vote

As many people know, I’m a staunch Republican and an anti-Democrat. However, I’m not voting for McCain. I’m voting for Obama. He is a very good choice for the moderate vote. He is the first Democrat that I’ll vote for, and he’ll probably be the last.

Car Accident

I got into a car accident the other day in Toronto. I’m fine, even then my rear back door is a bit on the dented side. My fiance’s father is going to fix it for $500, labor-inclusive.