Apple vs HP?

Apple just announced the Apple iPad, which is essentially an enlarged iPod Touch (or iPhone). Anyone else notice the similarities in the name between iPad and HP’s iPAQ (which has essentially the same target market)?

Facebook Blog Importing

So… Facebook decided to reimport all the blog posts in my blog’s Atom feed. People.. my birthday was a month ago. I’d expect all of you to know that :). Try reading before you reply to facebook stuff ;).

Google Wave invites

Anyone want a Google Wave invite? If so, let me know and I’ll get in touch to do so. (If you are reading this from Facebook, please go to the blog directly and comment there)

New Hosting Provider

My blog has been hosted on 1&1 for ages. However, as one of the 2 person team known as Reaktix (the other being Jeremy Tymes from Grand Rapids), I am a provider of hosting services backed by a large hosting provider from Boston, MA. In order to show my trust in my own hosting service, my blog is now hosted on Reaktix Hosting’s Pro Linux plan.

If anyone ever sees any problems, please let me know!
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