T-Mobile & AT&T sitting in a tree…

So AT&T announced their plan purchase of T-Mobile. In the words of the great Ron Simmons… Damn. I am currently a T-Mobile customer, and I personally don’t want to be an AT&T customer.

AT&T FastAccess POP3/SMTP Servers

AT&T FastAccess DSL users might be used to using “mail.bellsouth.net” as their POP3/SMTP servers for a long time now. However, AT&T recently introduced 2 new servers that are (1) Secure (via SSL), and (2) work when not on the AT&T network.
POP3: fpostoffice.isp.att.net, SSL Enabled, Port 995
SMTP: fmailhost.isp.att.net, SSL Enabled, Port 465
If anyone wants instructions for their particular mail client, reply back to here, and I’ll send you instructions (as well as provide them on here).