Aura 1.2.1 released

Aura 1.2.1 fixes an issue with Aura 1.2.0 where having an index with null options (IndexOptions.Null) would cause an exception during the creation of DatabaseManager.

Aura 1.2.0

Aura 1.2.0 was just uploaded to NuGet (and GitHub). It’s a pretty small change from 1.1, but it has one new feature that will make schema migrations easier.

If you are using DatabaseManager, and using RecordManager’s RemoveProperty method, Aura can now invoke a callback passing in the collection of documents that have that property (as a BsonDocument), so you can migrate the values of the property to other properties.

If the property simply isn’t used anymore, you can continue to use the older RemoveProperty method.

Please note: if you migrate a property to another collection, you shouldn’t use record manager to access the other collection, since the record managers aren’t set up yet.