davefm 92.9 and rock 100.5

I’ve been listening to davefm 92.9 and rock 100.5, trying to figure which one I like best. davefm so far is winning. I tried Project 9-6-1 and it well.. sucked

So long 99X

99X, my favorite radio station in Atlanta since the late 90s, is now officially dead. So long 99X, you lived a good life. To bad Cumulus had to kill you off.
Update: Sean Demery posted an update on the matter.

It’s Comcastic

My mom just signed up for Comcast Triple Play Preferred.. its $114.95 for the first 12 months. They’ll be out on February 2nd. We’ll see how well it works when they come out and install it.

Macs suck: file paths

I am starting on a new series I call “Macs suck”. Case in point: file paths.
OS X is a UNIX system (BSD in fact). Paths are thus in the form /directory/subdirectory/file. But OS X presents paths in a convulated form: Drive/directory/subdirectory/file. Notice the problem? Programs which expect form A, when given a path in form B, get totally confused since that path isn’t valid!

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