Mauborgne: the best 2FA OTP authenticator app for elementary OS (and anywhere else flatpak)

This app has been a labor of love during my parental leave. This app “scratched an itch” — I wanted an elementary OS native authenticator for all of my 2FA OTP codes

So, why do I think it’s the best app available?

  • Code Type Support It supports both TOTP and HOTP codes. I don’t have any services that use HOTP codes, but it does support them
  • Dynamic Code Paste Since TOTP codes expire, copying a code will always paste the most current code, not necessarily the code that was active when you clicked the Copy button
  • Roundtrip Support For Aegis Mauborgne can both import and export using Aegis’ encrypted JSON vault files
  • Flatpak Native Mauborgne uses Flatpak portals to capture screenshots, to load and save files, and to securely protect your pad’s secrets. It thus uses the bare minimum of Flatpak permissions
  • Attractiveness Thanks to the elementary OS platform underneath, the app looks sleek. It natively supports both light and dark mode using system preferences (on elementary OS 6.0+ and will also work on GNOME 42+)

    You can get the app on the elementary OS AppCenter, or if running other operating systems that support Flatpak, installing from the the Flatpakref file.

2 Replies to “Mauborgne: the best 2FA OTP authenticator app for elementary OS (and anywhere else flatpak)”

  1. How does it work? Is there any manual? How do I get the code on my phone? I assume this works with the login screen of Elementary OS.

    1. So, this app actually runs in elementary OS so you can use it with apps and services that require an OTP code.

      To get the same codes available on a phone, the recommendation is to use the Aegis mobile app. Mauborgne can import from and export to the Aegis encrypted vault format.

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