AT&T Advanced Television

I’m currently in the middle of purchasing a new townhouse. Comcast doesn’t provide any advanced services there, so I’m going to with an AT&T bundle.
AT&T Advanced TV (Dish Network) requires either a $49.95 installation fee or a 24 month contract with a $10/mo ETF. Since Advanced TV (U-Verse) is coming there soon, its going to be cheaper to pay the $50 activation fee than to pay the ETF!

Bad Luck….

  • My speech therapist in high school son Kenneth passed away on April 26th. He’s in a much better place now.
  • My fiance’s father had a stroke the other day. I hope things go alright with him. Don is a good man, one of the few this world has. Shelley’s mom called me earlier tonight and told me.
  • I’m currently sick with something that is making my throat really irritated.

I’m buying a house!

So, I’m buying a townhouse/condo/single-family-home in Marietta to live in for the next few years. Price range is $50,000 – $80,000, and property has to be able to get a mortgage insured by FHA.
I’m hoping to close by end of May assuming everything works out well. If you want to help out, let me know! I’m willing to rent out the second bedroom for $400.00/mo inclusive to anyone willing to do so.

I’m in the market…

For a new laptop.
My requirements are simple:

  • 15.4″ display
  • 1680×1050 resolution or better
  • Intel Core 2 Duo T8300 or better
  • NVIDIA Geforce 8000-series
  • Blu-ray ROM, DVD+/-RW
  • Vista 64-bit, 32-bit is okay if there
  • Bluetooth
  • Webcam

Alot of companies come close (Dell, HP), but none offer the right resolution display. They both over 1680×1050 in 17-inch, but my hella old Dell Inspiron E1505 has a 1680×1050 display at the moment.