Phone Spotlight: T-Mobile Shadow 2009

The HTC-made T-Mobile Shadow 2009 (branded as the T-Mobile Shadow) is a great smartphone for beginning smartphone users. It has a phone case design similar to many featurephones, lacking a touchscreen or trackball, and has a Microsoft built custom interface that makes Windows Mobile 6.1 much simpler to use. It features UMA, allowing you to use wifi to extend T-Mobile’s range (much simpler than the Femtocell products that other carriers provide), a 2.0MP camera (like most HTC products, there’s no flash), and all the standard Windows Mobile 6.1 standard features

Phone: T-Mobile Shadow 2009
Manufacturer: HTC (design by T-Mobile)
Operating System: Windows Mobile 6.1
UI: Shadow UI (custom built by Microsoft, HTC, and T-Mobile for the Shadow)
Carrier: T-Mobile (exclusive)
Processor: 260 MHz (trust me, this is enough for this phone)
Voice Network: GSM, UMA
Data Networks: GPRS, EDGE, WiFi

Some Programming Humor and more Apple hatred

So BSD systems have this method in their shutdown code called:
Even Apple’s OS X (derived from BSD) has this in their source, though they change it to:
via a #ifdef _APPLE
Further proof that some Apple developers walk around with a stick up their ass (or at least their managers….). This doesn’t apply to all Apple developers, since some of their stuff kicks ass (I’m looking at you Safari)

Umaga is dead

WWE wrestler Umaga (real name Edward Fatu, former stage name Jamal) passed away last night at 6 PM at the age of 36. He was found unconscious with a bloody nose earlier in the day.

He was fired from the WWE in June for failing a drug test, and then refusing drug rehab.