Minecraft on Mountain Lion

If you get the error message that Minecraft is damaged after you download it, do the following:

1. Open System Preferences
2. Choose Security & Privacy
3. Click the lock to make changes
4. Change the setting “Allow Applications downloaded from” to Anywhere

Minecraft should now work on Mountain Lion (Mac OS X 10.8)

Apple is evil, Part 2

Apple just effectively banned 2 very good products for building (native) iPhone applications. Up until OS 4.0, these apps were perfectly fine, and you are probably using an app built using one of those 2 technologies already:

  • Adobe’s Flash to iPhone compiler
  • Novell’s MonoTouch
  • Unity 3D might be effected, but not quite sure yet
So yep.. Apple is evil.

Macs suck: file paths

I am starting on a new series I call “Macs suck”. Case in point: file paths.
OS X is a UNIX system (BSD in fact). Paths are thus in the form /directory/subdirectory/file. But OS X presents paths in a convulated form: Drive/directory/subdirectory/file. Notice the problem? Programs which expect form A, when given a path in form B, get totally confused since that path isn’t valid!

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