Happiness Leads to Pain…

The happiest feeling in the world can cause so much pain! I wish I knew how to make it go away… You know that tugging feeling in your stomach when you love someone? You know how you miss that someone when you’re not around them? Well, I have both of them and it hurts so much! It hurts so much because I know that what they’re telling me will never come true. Why does it hurt so much? I wish someone would tell me.

I wish someone would tell me how to make it go away to.. but is it possible to force yourself to fall out of love with someone? The person I’m in love with told me a long time ago its not, and I know from experience its not. I’ve tried, to try and make the person I love happy.

I give up, someone just shoot me now.. I can’t handle this anymore, I can’t handle the pain anymore… I can’t handle knowing that I’m so deeply in love with someone that I can’t have.. .someone I’ve loved for so long…


It’s almost here ^_^. Its my favorite month of the year.

Reasons why December is great this year:

  • I turn 19.. just one year of being a teenager left after this.
  • GIFT-GIVING! I can finally afford to get my friends gifts. I already bought my best friend in the whole wide world hers. If you want a Christmas present from me, hit me up at justin.haygood@gmail.com or just make a comment to this post.

Happy Thanksgiving!

I’d like to wish a Happy Thanksgiving to everyone who reads this.

Now onto other stuff…

If you have Winamp, iTunes, or anything else that can handle Shoutcast streams (Windows Media Player doesn’t count), you should check out 1.fm. It’s a very nice free online radio.

Also, I’ve been using Novell Linux Desktop 9 Service Pack 2 alot recently. Its a very nice operating system. Once a newer version is released with full wifi support, I’d definely upgrade to it as my primary operating system.

Well, I’m out!


Sorry that I haven’t been blogging to much. I just haven’t had the time with my new job and all. So, life is sort of getting interesting. I think I like my friend Kimberly. She is very sweet, and very pretty, and just plain awesome!

Since I have no idea what to blog about, just leave me some questions about anything, and I’ll answer them in upcoming blog postings!

Just Shoot Me

Someone, just shoot me. Get it all over with. I just lost the last bit of hope of happiness I had. The girl I loved for so long.. It hurts to much.


The Death Cab for Cutie concert was awesome last Saturday. I think Jen is upset with me, because I haven’t heard from her for a while. Work has been okay.