Life Updates

Shelley and I are doing awesomely! I love her to death. I can’t wait until I graduate so that we can start our life together ^_^. So, I’m gonna go visit her on her birthday. Still looking for a halfway point to stay. I think my friend Andy is going to let me stay at his place in Ohio for a night.

On a side note, one of my bestest friends from high school found me on MySpace. I haven’t seen her since graduation.



Shelley, my wonderful amazing girlfriend, posted some good stuff on me on her own blog. I love you Shelley!

Spammer Murder!

Apparently, Luis Villa of GNOME fame wants to kill spammers.

Dude, spammers aren’t worth the time and money it takes to kill them. However, taking every last penny they made and investing it into worthwhile endeavors might be a better deterrent.


I love you Shelley! You’re the most amazing, most beautiful, sweetest girl in the universe. I love you sweetheart. You’re the love of my life! Marry me?

Back to Blogger

Well, I’m back to Blogger for my blog. I decided the faster transfer speed of static HTML files is worth it. I’ve migrated some of my old posts over, but not all. I’ll attempt to migrate the rest later.