Movable Type 4.3

Over the weekend, I upgraded the Reaktix blog system to Movable Type 4.3 (from 4.2). Seems to be more snappy on the setup I have it on (IIS 6.0 + ActivePerl 5.10 via CGI + MySQL 5.1)

Small World

So a friend of mine (from New York) knows a guy who happens to know a girl that was a short-lived romantic interest earlier this summer. Small world.

Embedded Device Assistance

I am working on a new project that I was hoping that some of ya’ll would be able to help me with. I am looking for suppliers for the following parts:

1. An embedded device motherboard, preferably ARM or x86 based. Not picky, but must run Linux decently, or at the very least, be able to be targeted by a C/C++ compiler.
2. Cheap LCD panels (around 5-7 inches). Can be low quality dot matrix type. Just needs to be able to display black and white text readily.
This is for a personal project building a cheap, simple eBook reader. Target price is $100.00.