Life & Work

My life is basically work. I wake up, goto work, go home, sleep, repeat.

Well, at work, we’re working really hard on the AdWonder 9.0 release of our “Flash Component”, encompassing multiple technologies all integrated together. The problem with AW 9.0 is that’s its an almost total rewrite of the 8.x line (8.0, and now 8.1), which was definely a total rewrite of the previous internal only version wrote by a previous employee. However, since we got a fully functional 8.1 release out, we have a good basis to use for the rewrite (which is actually a hybrid rewrite/port from Flash 8 / AS 2.0 for the panel and component portions to Flex 2 / AS 3.0 for the panel, and Flash 9 / AS 3.0 and Flash 9 / AS 2.0 (tho still compatible with Flash 8).

We’re working hard! And while you’re at it, visit the AdWonder community at!