WebView Snapshot 0.6.2

I only released the first beta yesterday, and a bugfix release earlier this morning, and now we have a new feature release (but a small new feature, but a very useful one).

  • CORE: Add a new “constrain to height” parameter to the rendering engine – allows for screenshots of a certain height.
  • GUI: Expose the width and height properties in a new tab. Note: unless constrain to height is checked, the height property is only used by the engine to render and layout the webpage.
  • GUI: Expose the constrain parameter
  • CLI: Expose the height parameter
  • CLI: Expose the constrain parameter
  • GUI: Fix memory leak that happened when opening the About dialog.
Download Qt 4.5.2 from mirror (LGPL requirement.. please download from Qt Software instead)

First Beta of WebView Snapshot

The first beta release of WebView Snapshot is available for download immediately.

What works:
  • Saving a website as an image
  • Command line interface to save a website as an image
What doesn’t work:
  • The GUI version’s UI isn’t finished and doesn’t expose all of the options yet
  • Content rendered via plugins isn’t working yet. I’m working on it, promise!
  • No Linux or Mac builds yet.
We use the LGPL’ed Qt 4.5.2. I’d rather you download their source from their website, but if you must, and to comply with the LGPL, you can download Qt 4.5.2 now.

New Reaktix Product : WebView Snapshot

I’ve been working on a new product for Reaktix. It’s almost ready for an initial beta release.

What is WebView Snapshot?
WebView Snapshot allows you to create snapshot images of a given URL by rendering a webpage into an image.
What browser engines does it use?
The initial release will use WebKit. We plan on future versions potentially supporting Internet Explorer
What OS platforms do you plan on supporting?
Windows, Mac OS X, and certain Linux distributions
What interfaces will you make available?
The initial release will consist of a command line client that can be scripted, and a UI application for general use. Future releases will have a C library and COM interface to the application.
How much will this cost?
The initial cost will be $9.95, and will include free updates for 6 months.