New open source project: Aura

What is Aura? It’s simple: it’s a C# library to make working with MongoDB databases easier. It still uses the official 10gen MongoDB C# driver to work, just makes life less stressful while using it.

Why the name Aura? Aura is the daughter of Ming the Merciless, the ruler of the planet Mongo. Ming is already taken (by a Python project), so why not pick his daughter?

It’s based on Mongol by Ephisys, however, it’s diverged quite a bit since then. However, it should be straight-forward to port your code over. In many cases, its as simple as changing the app setting Mongol.Url to a connection string property, and changing your using statement to using Aura;. That will get you started. There’s also plenty of other useful features that you use that Mongol doesn’t have.

Oh, and its on GitHub. Check it out now! It’s licensed under the Apache Public License v2.0. Feel free to request any changes you want, or go ahead and contribute them. I will most likely accept it if I like it.

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