I am the 53%

I am 24 years old.
I was born to a 16 year old mother.
My father abandoned me before I was born.
I was adopted by and raised by my grandparents who lived on a pension and social security benefits
I started college on a Pell Grant, but dropped out when my mom (grandmother) passed away and I was no longer elligible.
I got a real job at 18 in a technology company, having to produce real results to get paid.
I support myself and my girlfriend who lives in Canada, and still have enough left over to enjoy the good things in life.
I don’t expect handouts from the government.
I own my own house and my own car — my parents could never afford to give me these things. I bought a car I could afford the monthly payments on and a house that I could afford the mortgage on.
Now I pay over $2,000 in federal taxes every month so some bums can sit here and “occupy Wall Street” instead of going to get a real job and making real income.
I am the 53%.

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