Nationalized Healthcare… Bad Idea!

I have a strong belief that the US should not make the same mistakes as our fellow countries, and keep healthcare in private hands. Now, our system isn’t perfect, but its a lot better than what other countries have. When was the last time you was dying and had to wait over an hour for an ambulance? Or be in triage over 2 hours (most of the time, its a lot less than that…). My girlfriend is Canadian, where healthcare is “free”. However, its not really free:

  • The government charges you for the insurance based on your income. It’s only free if your broke.
  • It doesn’t pay for prescriptions. And as most people know, prescriptions cost an arm and a leg at times… One of my medicines retails for $900 a bottle (30 day supply)
Now, I like Obama’s plan, which improves on the private system we have by adding an optional public system.

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