Policy Editor Module Help

I'm currently working on the policy-editor module for YaST (to edit
PolicyKit configuration), and I want some input on some of the design
1. I'm using python code for the loading and parsing of the policy
description files (its XML, and DOM makes parsing XML a dream). The
policy description files describes the actions, provides a
(translateable) description, and sane defaults.
That part I'm fine with, since I can use YCP to interact with and load
the model from the python code.
2. The actual policies as defined by the system administrator is located
in /etc/PolicyKit/PolicyKit.conf
Now my question is, how should I go about generating this file? Should
we use this file directly, or use sysconfig to generate the file
dynamically, and potentially provide for a "local include" so that you
can include custom policies not set via YaST?

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