I’m bored, really bored. There is absolutely zero things that I can do. Me and mi amiga Jenni talked until like 3 AM the other day (yesterday morning). That was fun. God, is she getting beautiful. Well, she already is a beautiful girl, but she’s getting more and more so everyday. I bought her a Boxcar Racer CD for her 16th birthday, even though its several months away (September 9th). My friend Meagan turns 16 soon (July 27th).. Three people I know turning 16!

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  1. Boredom strikes again, ne? I know what that’s like, it’s why I comment on blogs and write in my own.

    I still think that Jenni looks mostly the same as she use to…the only difference that I see is that she plucked her eyebrows (way to go Jenni, they look shibby!) That might be becuase I’m a girl though, who knows.

    Yes, my b-day is coming up (I’m Meg, go me). I’m not too thrilled and you shouldn’t be either. Bah, humbug!

    — Meg

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