New Job, Yet Again

I ran into a problem many have in the startup world: funding runs dry. As such, I’ve embarked in a change in my career path.

I’m now a Principal Software Engineer at Videa, part of Cox Media Group, a Cox Enterprises business.



Aura 1.3.0 released

Aura 1.3.0 has been released (and available on NuGet), with the following improvements:

  • We now depend on updated MongoDB Drivers
  • Preliminary support for Full Text Search

If you’ve enabled Full Text Search on your MongoDB server, you can do the following:

  • Call EnsureTextIndex on in your record manager’s Initialize override with the fields you want searched
  • Get a result by calling TextSearch from within your record manager subclass with the query you want passed to the full text search engine

We do not currently support weights, or any other full text search features. We will be working on it however!

Updated Press+ Blocker

Works on Marietta Daily Journal and Star News Online. Other sites will be added later.

Download PressPlusBlocker

  1. Download the zip from here
  2. Open up Google Chrome. If you don’t use it, you should. It’s free!
  3. Click on the settings button (3 lines button on the top right hand corner)
  4. Open the Tools menu, and choose Extensions from that menu
  5. Unzip the zip you downloaded earlier
  6. Drag mdjonline.user.js to the extensions window
  7. Reload any article on (or another supported site), and it should be popup free!

Aura 1.2.1 released

Aura 1.2.1 fixes an issue with Aura 1.2.0 where having an index with null options (IndexOptions.Null) would cause an exception during the creation of DatabaseManager.

Aura 1.2.0

Aura 1.2.0 was just uploaded to NuGet (and GitHub). It’s a pretty small change from 1.1, but it has one new feature that will make schema migrations easier.

If you are using DatabaseManager, and using RecordManager’s RemoveProperty method, Aura can now invoke a callback passing in the collection of documents that have that property (as a BsonDocument), so you can migrate the values of the property to other properties.

If the property simply isn’t used anymore, you can continue to use the older RemoveProperty method.

Please note: if you migrate a property to another collection, you shouldn’t use record manager to access the other collection, since the record managers aren’t set up yet.

New open source project: Aura

What is Aura? It’s simple: it’s a C# library to make working with MongoDB databases easier. It still uses the official 10gen MongoDB C# driver to work, just makes life less stressful while using it.

Why the name Aura? Aura is the daughter of Ming the Merciless, the ruler of the planet Mongo. Ming is already taken (by a Python project), so why not pick his daughter?

It’s based on Mongol by Ephisys, however, it’s diverged quite a bit since then. However, it should be straight-forward to port your code over. In many cases, its as simple as changing the app setting Mongol.Url to a connection string property, and changing your using statement to using Aura;. That will get you started. There’s also plenty of other useful features that you use that Mongol doesn’t have.

Oh, and its on GitHub. Check it out now! It’s licensed under the Apache Public License v2.0. Feel free to request any changes you want, or go ahead and contribute them. I will most likely accept it if I like it.