AT&T FastAccess POP3/SMTP Servers

AT&T FastAccess DSL users might be used to using “” as their POP3/SMTP servers for a long time now. However, AT&T recently introduced 2 new servers that are (1) Secure (via SSL), and (2) work when not on the AT&T network.
POP3:, SSL Enabled, Port 995
SMTP:, SSL Enabled, Port 465
If anyone wants instructions for their particular mail client, reply back to here, and I’ll send you instructions (as well as provide them on here).

3 Replies to “AT&T FastAccess POP3/SMTP Servers”

  1. Please send or list instructions for using the new servers. I have been using “” and it no longer works for sending mail. The ATT help line has been of no help in resolving this.

  2. What have they done wrong? The old name servers still work (when you are on the BellSouth network and you haven’t migrated to AT&T Yahoo!), and the new ones provide additional features (TLS encryption, ability to be used off network, etc..). Win win situation…

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