English Composition I Journal Entry #1

Topic: 6 guys gangraped a retarded 15 year old girl. What is your opinion?

In my personal opinion, the 6 guys should be subject to the most cruel and unusual method of punishment available. I am currently thinking that drawing and quartering is suitable punishment for this particurally heinous crime.
However, I know that no matter what the 6 men (er, pieces of garbage) truly deserve, they will never recieve a truly cruel and unusual punishment thanks to the US Constitution and Bill of Rights protecting them.
The reasons I feel so strongly are as follows:
  • First of all, she is an innocent 15 year old girl, and they are much older than her.
  • She is mentally challenged, and is thus at a mental age much younger than 15.
  • Thirdly gangraping is wrong period, no matter what.

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