Phone Spotlight: T-Mobile Shadow 2009

The HTC-made T-Mobile Shadow 2009 (branded as the T-Mobile Shadow) is a great smartphone for beginning smartphone users. It has a phone case design similar to many featurephones, lacking a touchscreen or trackball, and has a Microsoft built custom interface that makes Windows Mobile 6.1 much simpler to use. It features UMA, allowing you to use wifi to extend T-Mobile’s range (much simpler than the Femtocell products that other carriers provide), a 2.0MP camera (like most HTC products, there’s no flash), and all the standard Windows Mobile 6.1 standard features

Phone: T-Mobile Shadow 2009
Manufacturer: HTC (design by T-Mobile)
Operating System: Windows Mobile 6.1
UI: Shadow UI (custom built by Microsoft, HTC, and T-Mobile for the Shadow)
Carrier: T-Mobile (exclusive)
Processor: 260 MHz (trust me, this is enough for this phone)
Voice Network: GSM, UMA
Data Networks: GPRS, EDGE, WiFi

Some Programming Humor and more Apple hatred

So BSD systems have this method in their shutdown code called:
Even Apple’s OS X (derived from BSD) has this in their source, though they change it to:
via a #ifdef _APPLE
Further proof that some Apple developers walk around with a stick up their ass (or at least their managers….). This doesn’t apply to all Apple developers, since some of their stuff kicks ass (I’m looking at you Safari)